About U-Reach Data Solutions Inc.

About U-Reach Data Solutions Inc.

U-Reach Group officially formed in 2002 in Taiwan and expanded globally to provide cutting-edge solutions to the rest of the world. With 20 years of experience, U-Reach Group specializes in the design and production of stable, high-speed data solution equipment, with a competitive product portfolio which includes duplication, inspection, and sanitization and covers DVD, Flash, HDD, SSDs, and M.2 SSDs.

In 2012, we formed U-Reach Data Solutions Inc in California to support our valued customers and to offer versatile product lines. We are committed to continually delivering efficient and secure experiences for our users.

Our data equipment has been adopted by many leading manufacturers and companies in the semiconductor IC design field, electronic foundries, military and government institutions, medical and healthcare centers, schools and research institutes, film production and entertainment industries. To date, U-Reach has become the designated supplier for many semiconductor IC design factories.

Innovation aside, our customer-oriented business philosophy drives the company to confront new challenges every day. With U-Reach Data Solutions Inc., we make customer satisfaction the top priority for our existing and new customers. We are committed to delivering industry-leading customer service. Our dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart from competitors in the industry.

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